First I'd like to say that I stand behind my work 100%.  If for some reason the paint job
does not live up to your expectations (hasn't happened yet!) then I will do everything
in my power to resolve the problem.

That said, there are certain things that Kustom Flames cannot be liable for.  This
includes, but is not limited to:

1.  Any damage involved during shipping (I will however work with UPS in handling
the claim and your item will be repaired/replaced as quickly as possible).

2.  Any damage involved during the installation process.

3.  Any damage accrued while riding (paint chips, scratches, etc.).

damages that occurred due to a fuel spill.  For aftermarket tank owners (PLEASE
READ CAREFULLY).  Although I seal around the filler hole area (bungs) I cannot
guarantee that the paint around that  area will not bubble.  There are too many
variables involved, including the condition of the gas caps you use, and if they are
venting properly.  I also recommend purchasing a new set of gas caps to go with
your new paint (Small investment to almost definitely insure nothing will happen).  At
the very least you should check and/or replace your existing gaskets.  Some vented
caps also may allow too much fuel to get into the paint area, thus causing a bubbling
effect.  Paint Savers are always a good idea if you have aftermarket tanks, too.  Again,
I do everything possible to try and prevent this from happening, but that is the risk
you run when using aftermarket tanks.  Please be advised that fuel spills should be
wiped immediately and also may potentially cause problems with your paint.

5.  Quotes are good for 90 days unless otherwise noted (if not noted at all - quotes are
still good for 90 days

6.  Prices subject to change at anytime (see #7)

7.  While I do try and provide the closest and most accurate estimate as possible at
the time of booking, if there is more work to be done after receiving your parts, it will
be reflected in the balance (ie - multiple paint job layers, previous filler found after
parts stripped, etc.)

8.  Deposits are NON-Refundable!

9.  I DO 'sign' ALL my work with a
small KF Logo on the bottom of the front fender - if
this is a problem, please let me know
in advance...

10.  And finally, I cannot be held liable for all the compliments you will get
and the ride time lost while talking to others about your new paint!