1.  Carefully wrap each piece with plenty of bubble wrap.

2.  In
some cases (narrow front tire), you will be able to tuck the front fender inside
the rear fender, if wrapped
very carefully.  This will save on shipping, and if done
properly, will ensure safe arrival.

3.  NEVER let the edge of the piece (tank, fender, etc) rest against the edge of the
box - this is how damages occur!  You might also want to reinforce the sides of the
box with extra styrofoam or cardboard.

4.  Take out insurance - $400 on the tank and $200 ea fender is fine.  Use your
judgement for other items, such as covers, fairings, bags and tour paks...

5.  Obviously, drain out the tank as much as possible before shipping, but ship
with caps on and all holes plugged.

6.  Make sure the insides of the boxes are
filled with packing materials (peanuts,
bubble wrap, foam, newspapers) to keep inside movement down to a minimum.

7.  Please DO NOT require a signature for delivery - I have a safe place for
deliveries to be left for me.

8.  Avoid the UPS Store if at all possible!  They are very expensive, and you
will still usually save money by buying your own packing materials and

Following these tips will almost definitely ensure the safe arrival of your tins.